Internal drawers are a great option

Internal drawers are a great option

Internal drawers are a great option to pull outs of any description. You can store exact items in exact spaces. These stunning drawers have illuminated glass sides which are battery operated too so there is no need for expensive electrical works. These ones also have white glass fronts fitted which is an upgrade. They have to be seen to be appreciated just stunning quality @haecker_kuechen @grassmovementsystems

Expensive……. yes, but a “pocket door” combination like this full run is just amazing……. now you see me now you don`t… just wow. The cost depends on the exact door finishes. The engineering required to hold the weight of the kitchen doors along with the mechanism itself is remarkable. They seem “weightless” when you operate them so smooth.

Modern shelving and lighting


Modern shelving and lighting makes an awesome industrial un-fitted look

Here we have a brand new light fitting designed to be installed above a hob. If you had a downdraft hob this would work perfectly the lighting would help you to see and the racking stores spices and utensils. What a novel idea. What do you think is it for you

How about a timber?


How about a timber door in a shaker style that’s TRUE handle-less

What are your thoughts??? This new range is available to order now for 2020 installations grab your pre-order deals now from either store @haecker_kuechen @grassmovementsystems

A kitchen truly handle-less


We get asked a lot what makes a kitchen truly handle-less. A channel is created to enable doors and appliances to be opened. It comes in varying colours so you can either match it or contrast. The steel profile seems the most popular choice. It also enables you to fit a proper lighting channel that will illuminate the under worktop area. It’s all in the detail come and see in both showrooms now never been a better time to buy than NOW