Kitchen Showroom

Anglia Interiors takes immense pride in our expansive, contemporary showroom located in Huntingdon, Buckinghamshire. Stepping into our welcoming space, you’ll experience firsthand the embodiment of our commitment to exceptional design and innovation. We extend a warm invitation to visit our showroom, where a plethora of displays await your exploration.

Within the expanse of our showroom, you’ll find a curated showcase of the latest cabinetry offerings from the foremost furniture manufacturers in the UK. Alongside these, we proudly present a selection of premium kitchen appliances and accessories. Your visit to our showroom is a gateway to envisioning the possibilities for your new kitchen, bedroom, or home office.

Taking a detour through our showroom before scheduling a design consultation is a venture well worth your time. It grants you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of design, aiding you in visualizing the essence of your aspirations. Our local showrooms serve as a source of inspiration, equipping you with insights that can significantly shape your design journey.

While browsing our displays, you’re welcome to engage in discussions with our team of kitchen and interior experts. Their wealth of knowledge and experience is at your disposal, offering you invaluable insights, feedback, and guidance. With our experts by your side, you can witness firsthand the realms of possibility and the superior craftsmanship that underpins our offerings.

A visit to our showroom is more than a simple exploration – it’s an interaction with the world of design excellence that Anglia Interiors stands for. Whether you’re seeking to refine your design ideas or seek expert advice, our showroom is the ideal platform to facilitate your creative journey. We look forward to welcoming you and demonstrating the profound impact our quality products and skilled workmanship can bring to your home.

Our Process

How we work and the process that our customers enjoy being part of

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Reviews & feedback

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Gallery of work

A gallery of completed works that may help you decide if we are the right partner for your next project

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