Kitchen Design

At Anglia Interiors, we can offer an arranged design consultation tailored to your kitchen, bedroom, or home office project. Following this appointment, a comprehensive computer-aided design (CAD) will be meticulously crafted, providing you with a vivid visualization of your envisioned kitchen, bedroom, or home office space.

Before embarking on your design journey, we recommend an exploratory visit to our showroom. This preliminary step offers a wealth of inspiration, allowing you to immerse yourself in captivating displays that ignite your creative thinking. Our showrooms are a canvas of possibilities, showcasing the potential that our diverse ranges can bring to your space.

Engaging with our team at the showroom lays the foundation for an informed decision-making process. By discussing your requirements and aspirations with our design experts, you gain valuable insights that streamline your choices. Our design team is committed to making your experience enjoyable and stress-free, guiding you toward solutions that align with your vision and lifestyle.

At Anglia Interiors, we believe that both a showroom visit that may lead to a personalised design consultation are essential steps toward realising your dream space. With our expertise and inspiring displays at your disposal, your journey to a beautifully designed kitchen, bedroom, or home office becomes an exciting exploration of possibilities.

Our Process

Initial Contact

Your journey begins with a visit to one of our showrooms, where our stunning products await your exploration. To ensure personalized attention, it’s advisable to schedule this visit in advance. Our team will guide you through the displays, answering your questions and sparking your inspiration. Subsequently, we’ll arrange a property visit to measure the space for your kitchen, bedroom, or home office. If you possess architect drawings, we’ll invite you to the showroom for your design consultation.

The Design Consultation

Our expert designers will meticulously measure your space during a property visit, diving deeper into your requirements. Recommendations will be tailored to incorporate your specifications and ideas, shaping the foundation for your dream kitchen, bedroom, or home office. For projects based on architect plans, the design consultation takes place in the showroom, lasting around an hour or longer, if needed.

The Design Phase

Post the design consultation, we translate your vision into reality using 3D Computer Aided Design software. This tool brings your high-quality kitchen, bedroom, or home office to life. Our designers compile insights gathered during their visit to create a space that aligns perfectly with your expectations.

The Presentation

Once the design is ready, we invite you back to the showroom to witness your creation. In this session, we delve into the finer details, exploring various options to complete your design – from kitchen appliance specs, taps, handles, worktops, and flooring to glass splashbacks, and bedroom or home office internals. This stage also provides a clear understanding of the project’s financial aspect.


When you’re content and prepared to proceed, we set the installation wheels in motion while preparing your final paperwork. This comprehensive package includes order details, plans, visuals, and a project schedule. Our project coordination team will connect with you to clarify any questions and ensure you’re fully informed about the upcoming process. A technical survey will also be scheduled to ensure a seamless installation.


The installation phase brings our skilled fitting team to your doorstep as per schedule. Our project coordinator maintains a consistent presence on-site, acting as a bridge of communication between you and the showroom. Throughout the installation, we prioritize transparency, ensuring you’re aware of progress at every juncture. Our goal is to orchestrate a smooth process and ensure your satisfaction with each aspect of your new space.


Once complete, we meet with the client to review the work, address any post-finish issues and welcome them to have a glass of something cheery (or something warm in winter) t welcome in their new kitchen. We don’t tend to blow our own trumpet, but we do love to listen and read about what our customers think about us, so we always ask for feedback to the latest member of our kitchen family.

Our Process

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